1. I'm glad I found your blog (from Alyson Stanfield's tweet list to followers to you)!

    I'm a pastel artist but I'm beginning to want to incorporate texture into my art pieces. Your bead idea sounds pretty neat. I've been thinking of adding some organic materials to the paper, like tomato seeds or crushed lavender petals, and then drawing on top of that. Are there other mixtures that you've tried that you've been happy with?

    And I am totally with you about photographing something with texture - it is really difficult to do it face on! Have you thought of doing a series of photos and taking some angle shots, so that there is a sideview, or adding a detail photo of a great close up (which could even include shadows)?

    Good luck on your art walk show! It sounds exciting.

  2. Hi,

    The values that you've achieved with this work make it really interesting.
    I really like the dimensional feeling of this, reminding me of anamorphic perspective, even if it's not.

    Best regards,


  3. Thank you, Jose! Pia, I've added other textures like sand and yarn that isn't the typical yarn but has lots of loose strands and very, very full of texture when added to a painting. I've also added thick string (see "Hidden Patrick" that has glass beads and string in all of the horizontal and vertical lines you see). I've also used a mixture I bought at an art store that had a stucco effect. In another work of art, I used squares of material that were remnants from an upholstery store--very thick and textured. Isn't it fun?? I looked at your site and your artwork is beautiful. And I love your idea of using organic materials. Very cool. God bless you both! ~Amy


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