My Grandfather's Poetry

Recently, I found many cherished things in my mother's garage that I haven't seen in over 15 years.  One of the things I found was a book of my grandfather's poetry and songs.  He's been gone now for many years so this find was especially special.  I've read each page remembering different characteristics about him.  And read many of the poems to my husband and daughter, while telling them about this man they'd never met.  I'm so pleased to have this book back within reach and the memories it has brought.

I thought I'd post one of the poems he wrote about me when I was very young.

I met a little maiden,
Twas just the other day,
In a small enchanted garden
Where fairies come to play.

I noticed she was different,
It took but just one look.
But then I thought she too must be
Straight from a story book.

The others danced around her,
Their hearts were filled with glee.
I said, "You all are pretty,
But that one there's for me."

For when hallucination's gone,
And you no more I see,
She'll still be there with heaven's smile,
As real as real can be.

I guess by now you know who I'm
Referring to today,
No question or no doubt, my friend,
It's Amy, all the way.

I love you, Dee Dee.  You're very much missed!

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