Recently Finished Family Portrait

For Mother's Day this year, I surprised my mom with an early present--a drawn portrait of her and Dad.  I know I'm supposed to wait until Sunday, but I'd already waited several days and my patience of not blabbing my surprise was wearing thin.  We had a family get-together last night (Friday) and I just HAD to reveal my little secret!!

My mom was really happy and my dad teared up.   It was priceless.


  1. Your mom and dad look great. You did a beautiful job!!!

  2. OMGOSH! Amy your work is amazing...I lost a son in 1996. He was but 22 ... I have a picture and a writing that I wrote ..I'm think maybe you could combine the two to make one...your work is awesome....what a delight it is for you to have stopped by my blog ... now I have discovered a great talent ... a true artist ...


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