Vintage Looking, Handmade Beaded Flower Hair Jewelry

If there's one thing I've learned about my own creative drive is that I like creating new things that I've never tried before.  This beaded flower is no different.  With anything "vintage" being hot right now, I decided to make my own vintage looking beaded flower.  Of course, it's not vintage if it's not old, but some of the beads came from old costume does that count???  

I was up until 5 a.m. with my needle and thread, carefully stitching each bead, one at a time.  Once completed, my droopy eyes were sleepily happy and content with my newest creation.

Yesterday, I added lots of feathers and a clip on the back and turned this flower into a beautiful hair clip.   Now, to decide what to charge for only took me 4-5 hours to make.  ha!  I'll have to make a facebook poll or something, to see what others think I should charge!!  I do believe I will do just that.  Good idea.

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