Hannah Portrait in Red

This is a painting of my youngest child--my baby girl, Hannah. If you like my painting style, send me a photo of your loved one and I'll paint him or her for you!!

The Waker

The almond tree, in Hebrew thought, was known as, "The Waker" because out of all trees, it bloomed the earliest. This tree symbolizes an intercessor--one who "wakes up early" (hence, the sunrise) perceiving what is happening beneath the surface, and "wakes up early" perceiving what is to come. An Old Testament example of a prophetic intercessor is the prophet, Jeremiah. He was once asked by God to tell what he was seeing. Jeremiah answered, "an almond branch."

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Hog Eyes

The above photo is a 20"x10" print framed and matted.
-20"x10" print $60.00
-10"x5" print $40.00
To order an 8"x16" poster from Zazzle.com, click the Hog Eyes below:

The King is Coming

I created this watercolor and ink painting yesterday (7-5-08).  It is a Jewish man wearing a tallite and blowing a shofar.  These words are surrounding him, "Blow the trumpet in Zion, sound the alarm in my holy mountain," "He is coming," and "The King is coming."  In the lower right corner, I drew a cross with abstract figures with their hands raised to heaven.


I Decided to try to draw Jesus on Monday...this is what I came up with.  I hope to sell plenty of prints at the Hot Springs Convention Center in Hot Springs, Arkansas, on August 23.

5"x7" print $15.00
8"x10" print $20.00


These two paintings and one charcoal sketch were created from my love for cats.  This love began as a child when I received my very first cat, Chester.  The instruction from Dad was that I could have ONE cat only and it would have to be a male.  Much to everyone's surprise, a few months later "Chester" became "Chessie" when "he" had kittens...  

Material World

The original is for sale at Snazzies in downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas.

This very textured piece measuring 12" x 24" was made from various scraps of thick, textured fabric, acrylic paint, and other unique materials lying "around the house." Colors include: chocolate brown, silver, gold, copper, bronze, orange, and pale blue. Two close up photos are shown.


The Voice of the Arkansas Razorbacks, the late Paul Eells

Former Arkansas Razorback, Darren McFadden


These two look great as a set or individually.

5"x7" print $20.00
8"x10" print $25.00

Purple Squares

Gold Squares

This piece is a very modern, 3-dimensional work of art.  
  • Colors include: golds, deep browns, and copper.  
  • Created in 2007.  
  • Acrylic paint on 6 artist canvases.
  • Gold frame with glass 38" x 14"

Arkansas Razorback Artwork

If you'd like to see some fantastic artwork by artists who love the Razorbacks, come to Fine Art America, here: arkansas razorbacks art