Christmas is Coming! It's Time to Decorate...

With the holidays quickly approaching, I've noticed lots of google searching for Razorback Christmas items have landed people on my art blog.  From experience, I can tell you that searching for Razorback Hog Christmas ornaments can be a real let-down.

Several years ago, I decided to decorate my husband's "man space" into a Razorback Haven.  I started filling every wall with Razorback memorabilia and even painted some of my own Razorback Art.  When the holidays began to near, I decided I was going to decorate a Christmas tree -- Arkansas Razorback Hog Style.  So, I began searching for Hog Ornaments and decorations.  Much to my dismay, with each search I seemed to find little variety.  Every Hog ornament or decoration had the Razorback logo on it.  I understand the value and need for branding your logo, but seeing it over and over and over boring!  I'm not sure why the University doesn't make any creative and different styled ornaments and I'm not sure why there doesn't seem to be any other business doing it.  (If someone does have a logical answer, I'd love to hear it.)

So, with no other alternative, I decided to make my own ornaments.  I've been searching through lots of pictures, and thought for sure I had at least one photo of the lighted, decorated tree, but am not having any luck finding it.  I did, however, run into some pictures of some of the ornaments I made.  I thought I'd post these photos to encourage anyone out there who may be looking for ornaments (and not finding any).  I'd encourage you to make your own.  You don't have to be a talented artist to use some craft paint or acrylic paint markers.  If you can "color inside the lines" then you can do it yourself.

Most of the supplies I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  The glass ornaments were clear--all I did was paint on them and then stuff them with different kinds of fabric, yarn, fake snow, or confetti-ish stuff.  :0).

Here is an ornament made from a very inexpensive package of wooden stars I bought at Wal-mart.  I used a wood burner on them and then painted them.  Then, I put them all together with floral wire and hot glue.

This is another very inexpensive glass ornament painted with craft paint and markers, stuffed, and a black bow added.

The same for this Razorback Snowman--I had never seen anyone make a red, Razorback snowman before, but I saw the clear snowman ornaments, and thought "why not?"

I had several of these on the tree.  I had so many of these little red balls from Christmases past and decided to add some whimsy.  I took acrylic paint markers (again, from Hobby Lobby or Wal-mart) and painted dots, swirls, and lines.  Before the paint dried, I added white glitter to them.  So easy.

I also used lots of beads (not pictured) by putting them on wire--all red, black, white, and silver.  Plus, I had clear glass ornaments in different sizes that I stuffed with ribbon, snow, beads, yarn--not traditional yarn but funky "hairy" yarn.  Then topped with red or black ribbon.

I hope this little post has somehow inspired you to get your decorations out of the closet or storage and maybe even to venture down the isles of Hobby Lobby to see what you might like to create yourself--even if it has nothing to do with a Razorback tree.

Thanks for letting me share a little of my world...

Pet Portrait

This is Bambi, a very much loved and missed Chihuahua dog who passed away.  Bambi's owner (Cynthia) asked me to paint her.  Then this painting was given to Cynthia's husband as a surprise birthday present to the one who misses Bambi most.   R.I.P.

Arkansas Razorback Hogs Cards

Photography Prints
To order a print of "Hog Eyes," click on the photo above.

Are you a Hog fan and planning to have a football party? Fine Art America now sells greeting cards/invitations with artwork on the front. Come check out my Razorback art and custom make your own greeting cards and invitations. (Just click on the Hog Eyes above and you will be taken to Fine Art

And here's another idea...I know it's only September, but Christmas time will be here before we know it. Show off your Razorback spirit by sending Christmas cards with a Razorback Snowman!

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To order a print of "Hog Snowman" click on the photo above.

Commissioned Portrait 8-27-2009

Bird Watching In The City

I loved painting this one!  And loved using all the vibrant colors!

Art Prints
At Fine Art America, you may also now purchase greeting cards of Amy Kopp Art.

New Portrait

I painted a portrait as a gift for a family friend who is currently teaching kids to hip-hop dance.  His dance team is called "Ignition" and I incorporated that name into the composition. 

Darren McFadden, Painting of former Arkansas Razorback

Below shows how large this painting is--located in Prodigious Art Gallery in the Hot Springs, Arkansas, Mall

The original HOG EYES painting is now for sale at Prodigious Art in the Hot Springs, Arkansas, Mall for $800.00.

3 Piece Painting of Birds on Branches

Here is a closeup that I angled into the sunlight to show the texture on the branches and birds and also to show that what looks like orange and yellow in the entire painting, is really bronze and gold metallic.  Metallics are so hard to capture on camera.  I've also captured several different angles, hoping to reveal the true look of this new piece.

Feeling exhilaration as ideas pour onto the canvas,
Then touching the texture as it dries.
Getting lost in nothingness--yet something,
Something so very crucial to my existence.
Who really knows what life is all about, but One?
So I enjoy the moments of expression,
For which I am so thankful....
~Amy Kopp

New Gallery Representation

Two new places to buy Amy Kopp Art in Arkansas! Prodigious Art is located next to Dillards in the Hot Springs Mall. There are four of my original paintings there. Also located in Hot Springs is U-Win Travel in the historic downtown area, just across from the Arlington Hotel. This business/gallery now displays 18 of my paintings.

Paul Eells - The Beloved Voice of the Razorbacks

Paul Eells..."Oh My!"
Last night, on April 6, 2009, a print of Paul Eells, by artist Amy Kopp, was auctioned for $300, in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Proceeds from all donated, auctioned artwork went to the Humane Society of Garland County in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Now on You Tube

Amy Kopp Art is now on You Tube at:

More Birds on Branches :)

The three similar pieces are watercolor and ink on acid free paper, in frames with a beveled glass backing that shows through.
The fourth piece is also watercolor and ink on acid free paper. The glass frame also is a bud vase (on the left side).
I used dark brown ink, and various shades of blue watercolor for the backgrounds. Frames are black.
These decorative pieces I am selling for $20.00 each. (for a limited time since these are originals and there are no two alike).

New Design

New design for T-shirts, bags, hand bags, hats, etc. I'd love to hear what you think. I drew this bird on a branch, then put it through several different photoshop filters and came up with different designs. I can't wait to do more.

Birds in trees

Here are a couple of watercolor and ink projects I recently completed. Birds seem to be a modern, stylish theme these days, so I thought I'd give it a try. More bird ideas in the works...

Arkansas Razorback Artwork

If you'd like to see some fantastic artwork by artists who love the Razorbacks, come to Fine Art America, here: arkansas razorbacks art