Mother Nature - Ruler of the Elements

This is a poem I wrote in which life's struggles have been juxtaposed as Mother Nature's storms. Life may be difficult to deal with at times, and may seem to be in control and bigger than we are, but putting our trust and hope in God will always trump anything life dishes out.

Somehow amid each tempest,
Whirlwinds running wild,
His still small voice
It guides me,
Escorts me as His child.

Each twister clouds my vision;
On Him I imperatively depend.
He sees for me and maneuvers me,
Reassuring He sees the end.

So many scriptures resound within me,
Too many for coincidence;
I'm instructed and delivered,
With each prophetic glimpse.

Thirty-six and thirty-seven
I repeatedly read from the Book of Psalms;
Germinating the assurance
That Mother Nature would indeed be calmed.

Many times I've seen the "native tree"
"Spreading like a weed;"
I've watched the plotting, heard the threats,
Seen the gnashing of her teeth.

Devoted to trust in Him,
When the elements seemed to prevail;
Nourished by His faithfulness,
And that He audits the smallest details.

He's full of mercy, full of love,
Quick to forgive the repentant heart;
Yet, aggressively enforcing justice,
Keeping TRUTH as my navigational chart.

He can't be tricked, can't be bribed;
Nothing's hidden from His eyes.
Ever-ready to extend compassion;
Yet, unsusceptible to believing lies.

So, she watches P's and Q's,
Ducks all in a row,
The calm before the storm,
A peacock-strutting show.

All-Knowing God!
You're "mightier than many waters!"
YOU rule "the raging of the sea!"
When Mother Nature sends another storm,
Again, You'll be sheltering me!

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - My First Attempt at Impressionism

This is my first attempt at Impressionism painting.  This painting shows a building located right outside of a resort where I stayed in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  I think I like this style of painting; it's very liberating, which is what painters during this era were concentrating on--the freedom of capturing their subject matter without the constraints of details and previous artistic rules.

Arkansas Razorback Artwork

If you'd like to see some fantastic artwork by artists who love the Razorbacks, come to Fine Art America, here: arkansas razorbacks art