Here's another vintage looking broach on a headband...Flapper Style!

I've made 3 vintage looking broaches so far and this one is my favorite!  I hand-sewed each bead into several layers of felt.  Then added it to a headband with lots of thin feathers to give it a flapper look. 

A dance instructor who owns a dance studio bought it this week along with my other 2 broach accessories and lots of hair clips.  So, I said goodbye to my favorite hair accessory.  The parting was bitter-sweet.

Handmade Hair Clips and Hair Jewelry - Using Feathers

Feather Hair Clips using ostrich feathers, peacock feathers, guinea feathers, and pheasant feathers as well as hair jewelry and gems.

Handmade Feather Earrings

Using peacock feathers and a variety of colored feathers.

Handmade Hair Accessories and Jewelry

Come check out my new videos featuring my handmade accessories on YouTube!

Arkansas Razorback Artwork

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