Feather Hair Extensions

I love hair accessories.  Here are some of my newer feather hair extensions!  I sell these for $10 each and ship anywhere in the continental US.

Red and black feathers with red beads on an earring hook.  

Wearing this kind of hair extension sounds complicated but it isn't once you understand the concept.  I also make them with hair clips but then you're pretty much locked-in to one length.  With the earring hooks at the top, these extensions are adjustable, making them wearable for almost any hair length.

Tan and black feathers with iridescent green feathers, beads and a heart locket charm on an earring hook.

To wear this kind of hair extension, all you have to do is braid a tiny section of hair in underneath and on one side.  Use a tiny hair band to hold the braid.  Then hook the earring hook into the braid ANYWHERE you think looks best.  Hooking it closer to your scalp will make your extension appear shorter; hooking it further down the braid will make your extension appear longer.  

Natural colored feathers on a hair clip.  These colors make me think of wolves.

My first hair extension using peacock feathers.  I have also added a turquoise stone.

Less natural and more girly, I've used bright green feathers, black and white polka-dotted feathers, and pink cord on this hair clip.

I've made this extension using blue and purple feathers, turquoise and deep purple cord and beads on this fun-to-make hair clip.

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